Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yesterday and Today

When Hollis was a newborn the majority of my days were spent in my bed or on the couch. There is not a lot of activity with a new baby, especially your first one I imagine. Eat, sleep, poop, lather, rinse and repeat. Do you remember the show Judging Amy? I watched the entire series from start to finish - twice. It is not that great of a show. To help pass the great expanse of time from morning to bedtime, we would meet John for lunch and spend the morning at Target. Somethings don't change - we still spend mornings at Target. It was not the most interesting time of my life and on several occasions I questions my choice to stay home with him. Now, three years later, with a baby who is no longer a baby and wants to "do it myself"; the tables have turned and I can't imagine not being on the go. I DVR shows that I don't want to miss and never finish all the things on my list. We are always doing something or going somewhere, so much so that one of the first things out of Hollis's mouth is usually, "what are we doing today". And he is interested in everything, so everything is interesting. There are still days when I question the choices I have made, but they are fewer and farther between. And I can always appreciate the whiling dervish my baby boy has become.

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Mandee - I Think You Should said...

I love that picture, Stace. And you are such a great mom. I knew you would be. Lord knows, you've been taking great care of everybody ever since I've known you!