Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 things you should know about me

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I am left handed. John is praying diligently that this trait has been passed on to our son.

2. I was born in Georgetown, DE. You should know that this is BELOW the Mason Dixon line. I know this because it was a huge deal when I moved to South Carolina at 5 years old and was called a Yankee (gasp!). My parents now live in Tennessee. That is were I graduated from high school and consider it my "hometown".

3. The first blog I ever read was Purple is a Fruit. That one no longer exists, but Linda writes a here (among other places) and I still love her writing. I started reading her and was attracted to her writing because she is funny and honest and has a little boy the same age is Hollis. Now I read about 40 blogs.

4. I am a world class procrastinator. Which is one reason why posting everyday is so hard for me, I wait until 11:30pm before I start thinking about it.

5. Even though I procrastinate, I always (usually) get done what needs to be done. Just don't bug me and let me do it on my own time. When I was in college, I would get up early in the morning to finish (start) papers that were due that day. One of my roommates finally said that this was stressing her out, I told her to look the other way.

6. I have "significant" hearing loss. I am completely deaf in one ear and partially (mostly) deaf in the other. I have adjusted to my hearing loss and don't have plans to do anything particular about it. I am trying to keep it a secret from Hollis as I am sure he would eventually use it against me. So, when it seems like I am ignoring you, I really just can't hear you. Here is my secret trick though - I read lips. Usually without really meaning too, but I need to see you to hear you.

7. This came from meningitis that I had at the beginning of my freshman year of college. Since nothing for me is totally normal, I also had meningitis when I was three. The two illnesses were separated by 15 years, almost to the day. We held our breath this past October, which was 15 years since the second one. Get your children vaccinated - first when they are babies and then again at about 12 years old for protection against both viral and bacterial strains.

8. I am the oldest of three children. I have a brother and sister. Sadly, my brother is no longer with us, but would be 31. My sister is 25.

9. I am really bad with directions. If you are wise, you will never ask me how to get somewhere. I tend to confuse basic things like east and west, left and right. I also drive by landmarks, not street names, so I don't know where anything is. I have lived in Atlanta for over 10 years and I still have to use google maps - regularly.

10. I am very sarcastic. It sometimes comes across as mean or uncaring, but I really don't mean to be hurtful. I had another friend in college once tell me that if people didn't know me they wouldn't get my sarcasm and would think I was mean.

So, that is me, tell me about you.


Shanda said...

I know you well, Stacy. Nothing surprised me except. . . . . . it's been fifteen years since you were a college freshman!! AAAAHHHHHHH! Super Scary.

Stacy said...

I know, that part surprised me to!

Ol'Melanie said...

Let's note that in regards to #6- sometimes you can't hear, but sometimes you really ignore me and pretend not to hear. I know the difference though you may have thought you had me fooled! Fortunately I am too loud to be ignored or not heard for long.
Love you anyway...

Mandee - I Think You Should said...

I didn't know that you had not always lived in Johnson City or that you had meningitis when you were three OR that you were bad with directions. How did I not know that last one?

I still laugh when I think about us confessing our blogging sins at the Crab Trap.

Susan MillikenReid said...

Reading this made me miss you so much! want to drive to St. Louis for a visit...it's on google maps. ;-)
I forgot that you were left handed...me too!
love you xoxo