Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Statement I Never Thought I Would Have To Make

"You can't eat dinner without your pants on".

I will let you decide who I had to say that too.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sanitized for your protection

It seems that we have made a full recovery from the stomach virus/flu/plague. Food is being consumed, school is being attended and most importantly, all bodily functions are working correctly again. Hollis has been washed and lysoled. Ugh, it's the worst.
Last Sunday afternoon he seemed to be on the mend so I planned to send him to school on Monday. Everything seemed good Monday morning; he ate breakfast and was running through the house, so off to school we go. I should have known something was not quite right when he didn't take off his seat belt and jump up into the front seat as we pulled into car line. I chose to ignore this red flag so I could do my grocery shopping in peace. I know, you don't have say it, I am Mother of the Year...I am sure my trophy is in the mail. Everything was fine until about 30 minutes before pick up time when I got the dreaded "Please come pick up your child" call. Unfortunately, the stomach virus revisited him before I was able to get there. I will spare you the gory details and just say it involved emergency clothes, several bags of laundry and a bath once we got home.
He seems unscathed by the experience and headed back to school on Wednesday and took John for "Donuts with Dad" on Friday. Hollis feeling better and busy driving the train.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Notes from the Germ Factory

We have been overtaken by the stomach virus and all the pleasantness that goes along with it. Hollis got sick on Thursday and thankfully seems to be on the mend today. At one point on Friday I called the Nurse Advise Line to be sure he (I) was going to survive this particular illness. After doing the meningitis test (when they ask you if your child can touch his chin to his chest - that's the meningitis test), she asked if he was confused or disoriented, I said no and we ended the call. Later that evening I was heading to the store to pick up some Tylenol and asked Hollis if there was anything he needed. While laying on the couch under his Thomas blanket and watching a movie, he managed to mention that he did need something..."just one Matchbox car, just one". Confused? Hardly. Who can say no to a sick child? So not only did he acquire his 1,668,348th Matchbox car, he also got his 275th car magazine. Things are looking up today and hopefully the snow won't keep him out of school tomorrow, three days of togetherness is enough.