Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Stacy's brother Chad loved baseball and collected thousands of baseball cards. On our most recent visit to their parents' house, we decided to see what level of interest Hollis might have in looking through some of them....Ha Ha Ha, little did we know how obsessed with owning and organizing them our little Rain Man would be!
We now have regular sorting sessions such as the one just completed where we put all the players in their team piles, and boy have we stumbled across some gems:

A young Pittsburgh Pirate named Barry Bonds circa 1990, when his head was the size God meant for it to be. A young, svelte Babe Ruth pitching for the Red Sox. A 1970 Rich Gossage rookie card, yes before apparently he earned the nickname "Goose", and before he too was a Yankee (White Sox).

Unfortunately speaking of the Yankees, we also just discovered Jim Leyritz's 1990 rookie card. In fact, 20 years ago this month Leyritz was called up from the minors and 6 years later "The King" as he was nicknamed, would deliver one of the most memorable home runs in postseason history, at least if you're a Braves fan. If you can stomach watching it again go here to refresh your memory.

Meanwhile, Hollis, Jack and I have settled into our Sunday routine of watching baseball, while Stacy prepares to escape to the grocery store, and what do you know the Yankees are playing the Mets on TBS (isn't that just all kinds of wrong?!). I have managed to indoctrinate poor Hollis with an almost visceral disdain for Yankee pinstripes (thanks mainly to Mr. Leyritz), but I informed him a moment ago today we actually have to root for the Yankees (wave of nausea hit me as I said it). We need them to win to keep the red hot 2nd place Mets off the backs of the first place Braves in the NL East.
Former Brave Mark Texiera, just hit a grand slam for the Yankees, and we....cheered (seriously where is the Pepto-Bismol?!)

And if the memories gets any better than this, I don't know that I have enough room left in my Fathers Day full heart to hold them.