Sunday, March 18, 2007

The End of the Mullet Era

Hollis finally got the cute squirrel tail on the back of his head chopped off and here's the before, during, and after evidence

Friday, March 16, 2007

Go Love Go!

Last Sunday Stacy, Hollis and I embarked upon an adventure intensely anticipated: the Alliance theater production "Go Dog Go!”. The book --read numerous times in our household-- is by Suess's protege P.D. Eastman. His style is less rhymey than his mentor's, but maybe even more irreverent. Thus, our excitement about how his odd little book would be portrayed. Actually it's not a little book in that it's not a short read, plus it's big enough that Stacy dropped it on her toe and bruised it badly the Saturday prior, ironically.

Anyway, our morning started with our forgetting to spring forward, so we were rushed, but we managed to get out the door to reach Wolfgang Puck Express just a little late for our lunch date
with Aunt Rae Rae! WPE was outstanding as Rae had promised, and it is truly nice having her so close to help us enjoy Hollis. Alas, she needed to go into the office, and now I wish we had convinced her to come with us to the show, because I'm sure she would have enjoyed watching
Hollis watch the show as much as we did. Heck, we enjoyed the show just as much as Hollis!

The show was definitely different from the book, but only so it could be portrayed on stage. It still remained very true to the wording and flow of the book, and the props and
musical interpretations were extremely clever. Hollis and his parents were mesmerized throughout the hour long production, and when it was over we had even more fun running around the play house in the spring weather that enveloped the pretty courtyard of the woodruff Arts Center complex.

Few days in my life have been happier than this one was, and I can only hope that my engaged or maybe soon to be engaged siblings (more on that later) get to experience the same joy in marriage and parenthood that Stacy and I have. Trust me, it is worth everything it takes to make it possible!