Monday, November 03, 2008

Mix it up Monday: The Last Halloween Cookie

One last hurrah for Halloween. I wanted to make one more thing for Halloween, but really had a hard time finding what I wanted. There are lots of ideas for cakes and cupcakes, but who needs a whole cake in their house. Since I would eat 98% of it, we certainly don't. I wanted to make a cookie that wasn't a cut out cookie, since I had already done that. I also wanted to MAKE a cookie, not just assemble it. So I finally settled on these Betty Crocker Witches Brooms. This a great cookie for you salty and sweet fans. They were really very easy make and assemble. It is just a basic cookie recipe, pretzels and melted chocolate. Make cookie balls and insert a pretzel. The recipe wanted you to cut the pretzel in half lengthwise. I suppose this was to help them lay flat, but have you ever tried to slice a pretzel stick? Not easy. So I skipped that step and used them round. It was fine. The original recipe also has you drizzled chocolate and butterscotch, but I had chocolate and peanut butter chips, so that is what I used. Okay, no more Halloween baking...on to Thanksgiving!

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