Monday, November 17, 2008

Mix it up Monday: A Game

Hi there Internet Bakers! I have to admit that I am experiencing a baking lull. Even though I have every imaginable recipe at my fingertips, I just can't find anything I am interested in baking. So bakers, let's play a game! Here it is: You post a comment with a recipe you would like for me to bake. John and Hollis will review the entries and pick the winner. I will bake your suggestion and post it for next week's Mix it up Monday. Let's say that suggestions should be posted by Wednesday at midnight (EST) in case I have to make a trip to the grocery store. Don't worry if your recipe isn't picked this time, I am sure there will be another lull.

I did bake though this weekend, I know, such a martyr. But I am pretty sure I have posted something similar before, Chocolate Banana Bread. See, I need your help people, don't let me down!


Ol' Melanie said...


I am mailing you a Southern Living Cake Mix Miracles cookbook. It's a little paperback, I just got 10 of them for $5 to uses as prizes at my parties. I already thought of sending you one for Mix-It Mondays. It looks really great!

rae said...

I am always interested in a good low fat dessert so I don't feel as guilty when I eat the whole thing! Or, something with peanut butter...someone I know doesn't eat dessert much, but he loves peanut butter :)

The Jordan Girls said...

I got one for you. My Mom is the only person I know that makes this, and it is to die for. I can get you her recipe if you want. Whenever she takes one somewhere people rave over it and want the recipe. Also, it is bright green so I thought that might amuse Hollis.

My entry is for: Pistachio Cake!

John Franklin said...

Rae, great suggestion but everyone else will have to now beat The Jordan Girls. Pistachio Cake sounds like a potential winner to me!