Thursday, October 02, 2008

Using our benefits

This week we have taken full advantage of our insurance benefits. Since Tuesday we have been to the dentist, the eye doctor, the audiologist and an ear, nose and throat doctor. Are we dying or what? Well, the dentist visit was for Hollis' first cleaning. I have to say that I was more nervous than he was and had been putting it off for a year and half. Peer pressure finally broke the camel's back (did I just call myself a camel?) and to the dentist we went. The problem you see, is that about 18 months ago Hollis had a run in with the vacuum cleaner and knocked out one of his front teeth. At the time we went to the emergency room to determine that he did not need stitches and followed up with a visit to the pediatrician. Everyone agreed that the tooth would fall out on it's own and there was nothing that could be done. We also didn't have the aforementioned dental insurance on Hollis at the time. So we didn't go to the dentist. Then I started to feel bad about having not taken him. So I put it off some more. I like to ignore problems and hope they go're right, it rarely works. Anyway, I was worried that I had made some horrible parenting blunder by not taking him to be checked by the dentist. But never fear, all is well. The xray did show that the tooth broke off and a piece of the tooth and the root are still left, but the dentist was not concerned. He did fine with the cleaning, exam and xrays. He particularly liked the fish with teeth for him to brush and the water spray and suction. He also wanted to take home the protective covering from the xray because it was heavy and therefore a firefighter jacket. Oh, and don't forget the bus in the waiting room.
All the other appointments were for me. I still can't see, so I got contacts. The audiologist said I still can't hear. The ear, nose and throat doctor said I have a sinus infection and wrote me a prescription. I think we will survive.

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Mandee - I Think You Should said...

What a week, Stace. Hope you are feeling better.

Glad that Hollis enjoyed the dentist. One of Will's school buddies has a dentist for a dad, so they make it a group effort when they go. Ironically, the dentist's kid is usually the most freaked out.