Monday, October 06, 2008

Mix it up Monday: Pumpkins

Hey, it's 75 degrees in Georgia, must be Fall! We are having a bit a pumpkin obsession at our house right now. Over the weekend I put out a few jack-o-lantern decorations and Hollis immediately thought it was Halloween. John and I have tried to explain that there are many days until Halloween and yet the first words out of his month this morning were, "Is it Halloween?". This is going to be a long month. I thought pumpkin muffins would be the perfect addition to his Halloween anticipation. Also, they sell them at Great Harvest Bread Company which was closed today. All I did was take my favorite pumpkin bread recipe and make it into muffins. The recipe calls for cloves and raisins, neither of which I like, so I leave them out. I did put in a quarter cup of walnuts and about a third of a cup of chocolate chips. This recipe makes two loaves but I usually half it. The bread and muffins turn out moist and not too heavy, a perfect compliment to your holiday menu, or obsession.

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Mandee - I Think You Should said...

We're having the same problem with our trip to Seattle (thankfully, next weekend). I visited with the fam last weekend and every time we told my nephew what was next on the itinerary, he cried, "but I want to go at Seattle." I finally recommended making one of those construction paper chains so they could tear a link off every day until we leave. Maybe that will help!