Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the love of the game

Hollis loves theory. See, he loves hitting, pitching, running, sliding. He loves the songs, books about baseball and talking about baseball. What doesn't he like? He doesn't like watching baseball. We were given really great seats to an Atlanta Braves game recently, right behind first base. We thought these would be perfect since he would be able to see everything easily. Apparently, we still don't know our child very well. After the excitement of talking about going to game, driving to game, walking to the stadium, meeting Rae and eating lunch at the Chop House, he didn't have much energy left for WATCHING the game. The game started and Hollis waited with his glove for a ball to come his way. Nothing. He made it through about 2 innings before he decided he needed to be "doing" something. So we went for ice cream. That got us through about 2 more innings. The Braves organization has this wonderful place for you to entertain your child/be separated from your money - Scouts Alley. Far be it from me to tell Hollis that he is not big enough for the games. He tried his best to hit the balls from the pitching machine, but couldn't quite make contact. We returned to our sets to get John and Rae so that they wouldn't miss out on the fun of strolling the stadium. As we waited for the inning to end, Hollis summed up his feeling about the game, "I am tired of all this hitting". We made it all the way through the game and I am sure we will try it again next year. I am not sure how he is going to handle the upcoming end of the baseball season.

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