Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mix it up Monday or Tuesday

I had this ready to post yesterday, but I am up to my eyeball in dirty sheets. That is a story for another time, you really don't want to know while reading about cookies. We are almost through with Halloween, so almost through with the Halloween baked goods. Last week our playgroup visited a local pumpkin patch so Hollis and I baked pumpkin cookies to take along. This recipe could not be any easier, even with Hollis "helping" it only took about 15 minutes. The secret is cake mix. The cookie by itself is really not that bad for you, no butter, eggs or oil, just yellow and spice cake mixes and canned pumpkin. It is the icing that pushes it over the caloric edge. I made my own cream cheese icing which honestly doesn't take any longer than adding cream cheese to the premade frosting like Jenny at Picky Palate suggests. Two things to keep in mind though: 1)the recipe makes a lot of cookies. I started out using my cookie scoop, but they were huge, so I just used a regular tablespoon. 2) October in Georgia is still too warm to have cookies with cream cheese icing in your car - yuck. I forgot to take a picture of the cookies, so here are two from the pumpkin patch. Happy Halloween!PS - I got Hollis' haircut so he is looking a little less like a blonde fifth Beatle.

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