Friday, October 17, 2008

Not permanently scarred, yet

Hollis is in preschool three days a week from 9am until noon. We are consistently running late leaving the house since neither one us feels terribly motivated in the mornings. I have generally been on time to pick him up though. My theory has been that as long as I am not the last car in the carpool line - either AM or PM - then we are fine and somebody else can be the bad parent of the day. This week has been a little tough though. For the first two days of the week I was late picking him up, not "where's the emergency contact number" kind of late, but about 10 minutes. And the last one in line.
On the second late day, Hollis got into the car with a sticker on his shirt that said, "Hooray for Me!". I asked him what he did to get the sticker and his answer was, "I was sitting so nicely". "Okay, great", I thought, "I am glad he is behaving so well at school" and really didn't think anything else about it. Later that night, when telling John about the sticker he elaborated on the story and including a few new crushing details. His teacher gave him the sticker since he was sitting waiting patiently in the carpool line and was the LAST CHILD FOR THE SECOND TIME. Ooh, knife through the heart. Then he topped it off with this gem, "I was just sitting there waiting and waiting". Yeah, I am pretty sure my Mom of the Year Award is in the mail. Don't worry though, I made it up by being early this afternoon.

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