Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Second Day of School

What? Everybody posts about the first day of school. With the cute clothes and new bags. It's been done to death. I wanted to wait until the second day of school so you could see a picture of my child with a huge Snoopy band-aid on his forehead. He fell on a wooden peg on Monday night and gashed his head. In a moment of selflessness though, he did ask if I was alright since I was covered in blood from carrying him to the bathroom. Nothing says back to school like a head wound. I am going to start labeling all the posts in which Hollis is hurt, you know, for easy medical reference.
So, today was the second day of school. The first day of car line (for the uninitiated, that is where you pull up and a stranger removes your child from the car. In some places it is also called carjacking or kidnapping) for both drop off and pick up. So far, there have been no tears. And Hollis has done pretty well too. After two days, this is what I know about Preschool:

-If you ask him how school was he will say, "Good" and if you ask him what he did he will say, "I not know". I am sure this is God prepping me for a surly teenager.
-Out of 11 other kids, he can only remember the names of two. One of whom brought cupcakes for snack today.
-Hollis and I have the same number and this means we go together.
-The best part about Preschool is the big trucks. The teachers were smart enough to be sure there was one for each boy. Coming in a close second to the trucks are the blocks and dinosaurs, and occasionally the kitchen.
-When you go outside to play, you play on the green playground, not the blue one.
-Hollis has a new song..."The Big Fat Gorilla" sung to the tune of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". He will sing it for you in his deepest gorilla voice.
-Miss Nancy has a pointer. The conversation went like this:
Him: Miss Nancy has a pointer!
Me: Yeah, what does it do?
Him: It points (said in his best "Mom is a complete idiot" voice. Again with the teen training).

So, school is good, everybody is happy and I am enjoying me newly found free time. Ooh, 9 hours a's almost a part-time job. I did take first day pictures just like every other mother in America...of course, not every other kid in America is a cute as mine.

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Mary C said...

Stacy! He is such a doll. Glad the first day (and 2nd) went well!