Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the Occasion of your Third Birthday

Dear Hollis,
Today is your birthday. Actually, by this time three years ago you had already been born and were waiting for me in the recovery room. From what I understand you were none too happy about this situation. We spent the next five days(!) recovering and getting ready to face the world. It was a sad, sad day when we did leave the hospital since none of the nurses were coming home with us. It was rough going for a little while, but through many tears(yours and mine)we eventually figured it out. In the past three years you have gone from a little 8lb 8oz squirmy bundle to a 40(ish)lb jumpy ball of energy. You have an active imagination and are constantly making up stories and scenarios for your cars, trucks and animals. Often one truck will actually perform the duties of several trucks throughout the day. You love to sing and make up your own songs about the things you are playing with. Your vocabulary is immense and you can easily make your wants known. You also make up words to suit your needs. Currently, you are in "Why" stage and frankly, I have run out of answers. You would happily spend all your time outside sitting in the grass with your trucks, picking up sticks and other treasures or playing one of your favorite sports. Too bad the mosquitoes swarm in our backyard. You have had a busy summer; a trip to New York and one to Destin, swimming and playdates with our friends, your first official babysitter, finishing 2 1/2 years of Gymboree classes and growing and learning through it all. Three will be a big year for you. It started off with a bang today. The first thing you asked before you even got out of bed was, "Where is my cake?" There was no cake for breakfast, but we did have a doughnut, maybe a new birthday tradition. You opened presents from Mommy and Daddy; two of your favorite Real Wheels videos, unbelievably one of them you had not seen, a flashlight and firetruck silverware. Tigger called this morning to wish you a Happy Birthday. At first you weren't sure about it, but then you tried really hard to tell him all about your birthday so far. It's tough to get a word in on Tigger. We invited our friends to join us at the playground and then followed up with lunch at the "space shuttle McDonald's" per your request. The most exciting thing all day may have been Daddy joining us for lunch. Every time we go someplace, whether to the grocery store, library or playground, you always have two questions, "Will our friends be there" and "Is Daddy coming?" Today you got both. Anyone who said "Happy Birthday" to you today was given their own "Happy Birthday" in return and you sang Happy Birthday to yourself several times. This year you are starting preschool (Monday actually) and singing in the choir at church. In the fall you will take swimming lessons and have more fun playgroups. You are growing up everyday, we can see your little brain processing all of your experiences. Although there are times when I am tempted to stuff you in a box and ship you to Siberia, you are still the greatest joy of my life. Happy Birthday Monkey!


Mandee - I Think You Should said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Hollis! You are one lucky kid with a great set of parents.

Susan Milliken Reid said...

I loved reading that Stacey! Glad you all had such a great day!


Tiffany Stuckey said...


Sounds like all of you are very lucky to have each other!!! Happy Birthday Hollis! I love reading all about your adventures. Sounds like Hollis is a handful. My favorite is the fire alarm at the library.

The Jordan Family said...

Happy Birthday, Hollis! We sure enjoyed your birthday lunch on Wednesday and are looking forward to your 'Red Hot' Firefighter Party this weekend!
Emma & Claire