Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Height of Preschool Fashion

We have started the fall shopping, since NOTHING, he has from last year fits. Okay, maybe a shirt or two, but no pants, not even the ones I bought in March. Grrr, stupid growing. Hollis seems to be in an unusual place clothing-wise. In many brands he is able to wear clothes from both the baby boys section as well as the big boys section. The styles of clothing also runs the gament from smocked jon-jons to superman tshirts. And everything in between. I try to mainly dress Hollis in the in between. I don't really think is knows who most of the "older" characters are, although he has been known to walking around the house shouting SUPERMAN. He hasn't requested anything specific other than "army pants" (and an army shirt, but I drew the line there). So he got his pants, which is terribly excited about. We are starting to load up on his other staples, khaki pants and tshirts and I am trying to keep dressing him like a little boy instead of a surly preteen.

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