Monday, August 25, 2008

Mix it up Monday: Birthday Party Edition

So Saturday was the big third birthday fire truck Extravaganza(you have to say that with flair, and a slight Spanish accent). Most of Hollis's best friends were there. After a menacing start, hey, it's not a party until somebody(or two) falls down and has a run in with the cops; everyone had a great time. There were slides, swings, things to climb on, walls to jump off so that your parents can have a heart attack. We wrestled all the children together for a few games(Stop, Drop and Roll and Water Relay) and a craft (fire trucks made from graham crackers). Then the cupcakes. The ones I bought the new mixer for. The cupcakes were easy and I decided three dozen would be a good amount, really two dozen would have been enough. Then I started on the frosting...the dreaded frosting. The plan had been to make red (ha, ha, ha), yellow and orange and then pipe the three colors together onto the cupcakes to look like flames. Turns out, my imagination is much greater than my actual skill. I ended up with a pinkish red and a little yellow. And no flames. And red food coloring all over my hands, face, clothes, counter top and refrigerator. You get the picture. I bought the Wilton gel that is supposed to make vibrant colors. I bought Christmas Red. You are only supposed to use the tip of a toothpick to add color. I used the whole 2 oz container. Plus some red liquid food coloring. Then John helpfully reminded me that Hollis is a boy. So I mixed the red(ish) with the yellow to try for orange, frosted the cupcakes and sprinkled some red sugar on top, stuck them in the fridge and called it a day, or night as it were. They actually turned out really well, and pretty red, even though three year olds are not terribly discriminating when it comes to cupcakes. Hopefully, I still have some friends left since in addition to graham cracker and frosting fire trucks, candy bracelet prizes and cupcakes, I hired an ice cream truck! I know, I am the best Mom ever. Hollis insisted on opening presents right then and he went home with a nice selection of trucks, books, balls and everything else a boy could want. Even though Hurricane Fay threatened to both drench and blow us away, I think everyone had a great time. I know I did.


Ol'Melanie said...

Seriously, the slide picture is so cute. Y'all really out did yourselves with the firetruck graham (sp?) craft. Hopefully next year I can share in the fun. xoxo

Mandee - I Think You Should said...

I agree with Melanie--love the shot with the ladies on the slide. The cupcakes look great! So glad it was a good day.