Monday, August 04, 2008

Mix it Up Monday (plus)

Woo, today has been quite the day. I actually did my baking yesterday and intended to post this afternoon, but things went slightly awry. First, the story. Today was going to be a pretty easy day, nothing special planned, a quick trip to the library and then run some errands before we leave for vacation this weekend. We went to the library, got some new videos and books, checked out and were headed out the door when...Hollis decided to pull the fire alarm. I thought I had gotten to him fast enough to keep him from pulling it all the way, but no luck. The alarm rang and the lights flashed for a good five minutes as librarians scrambled. I made Hollis stay and apologize and (fortunately) the fire trucks did not show up. I am sure if they had, Hollis would want to pull the alarm every time we are there. I apologized profusely, made a vain attempt at humor and left. I may have to find a new library. Then, errands were run, lunch was eaten, videos were watched and naps were taken. This is what I found when I went to get Hollis from his nap.How he found room to nap in there, I will never know.
Anyway, at least we had dessert to finish the day off. I made Tiramisu Brownie Squares from a Pampered Chef cookbook. John and I went to dinner with some friends on Saturday night (Hollis had his first bonafide babysitter, another story for another time) and John agreed to forgo his favorite Tiramisu so that I could have the chocolate peanut butter ice cream thing. So, these were for him. I have to admit that I did not have high hopes for this recipe. I find Pampered Chef recipes annoying because they are so busy promoting their products, it's hard to follow the actual baking directions. "Oh, ground cinnamon can be substituted for the Pampered Chef Korintje Cinnamon! Thank God you told me, I would have ditched the whole recipe otherwise"(eyeroll). However, it turned out yummy and everyone had two pieces after dinner. It is basically a brownie, topped with a whip cream, coffee and Oreo mixture then chilled. I followed the recipe as written except I grated half a semi sweet baking sweet baking square on top since I didn't have any chocolate chips and I used plain old cinnamon (naturally). Here's the recipe, with all the annoying things taken out. It's easy easy and will only heat up your kitchen long enough to bake the brownie mix.

Tiramisu Brownie Squares
1 package (19-21 oz) brownie mix (plus ingredients for cake like brownies)
1 c milk
1/4 c instant coffee granules
1 container (12oz) frozen whipped topping, thawed and divided
2 packages (3.4oz each) cheesecake instant pudding and pie filling
20 creme filled chocolate sandwich cookies coarsely chopped
1/4 c semi sweet chocolate morsels, grated
1/4 t cinnamon

-Preheat oven to 350. Spray pan with cooking spray. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions for cake like brownies.
-Cool completely after baking.
-In a large bowl, combine milk and instant coffee granules; stir until dissolved. Add half the whipped topping and the pudding mix, whisk until smooth. Fold cookies into pudding mixture. Spread over the top of cooled brownies.
-Pipe diagonal rows, 1/4 inch apart, over the entire surface of the filling (don't stress about this, mine was super ugly. That is why you only have a picture of one piece). Grate chocolate morsels over whipped topping. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
-Chill at least 30 minutes.

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Mandee - I Think You Should said...

Those look delicious! My nephew put in his order for a birthday cake today (remember, I don't bake). Chocolate cake with white icing with a blue three on it. Any suggestions?