Friday, December 05, 2008

Miss Me?

Do you miss me yet? I had to take a little blogging hiatus after that whole blogging (almost) everyday gig. And have you noticed that it is almost Christmas. I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas over here. Here are a few lessons: don't sit out boxes of Christmas decorations planning on getting to them "later". The three year old will deem later to be NOW and everything will be haywire. Do not unpack your bells, jingle or otherwise, just trust me on this one.
We started out the Christmas season with a trip to Callaway Garden's Fantasy in Lights. I would tell you how wonderfully beautiful it was, but I was too busy trying to taking the perfect picture of both Hollis and the lights...on my little point and shot. I played with the flash, the speed, the settings. And this is the best one I got:
Pretty cool, admittedly, but where is Hollis you may ask. In the dark somewhere, who knows. However, John managed grab the camera and snap this perfect picture of Katie and Tommy. Stupid husbands and their auto setting.

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Shanda said...

Hey! Good pic. I know how hard it is to take pics in the dark. I try playing with every setting but just can't figure out the best way. Is that Katie's boyfriend/husband? At first glance it looked a whole lot like John! Hope you enjoyed the lights a little bit. I've never seen them there.