Friday, December 12, 2008

Meeting my quota

It seems that there are some people (person) who are trying to blackmail me into putting pictures of my child on this blog for the whole (10 people) internet to see. So, fine, in the name of peace and quiet, here are some pictures. Also, there are no pictures of the sock in the toilet incident, because he was naked except for his socks and, well, this just isn't that kind of blog. Enjoy:
Hollis and friends on a carriage ride. William, Mitchell and Sadie
Wow, look at all those fish, man! (GA Aquarium)In line to ride the Pink Pig, or for the Bhutan Death March...not sure which. By the way, I totally made that shirt...are you impressed with my iron-on abilities?
Post Pink Pig ride with Elle.

Happy Weekend!

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