Friday, December 12, 2008

His Mistake

I am grateful beyond words that, for the most part, Hollis has decided to use the potty alone. Obviously, I still take him when we are out somewhere and occasionally he will call me in to "stay in here and watch me". But generally, I can tell him to go and he goes on his own. A few times I have even found him in the bathroom using the potty without being prompted (trust me, that is about as exciting as it gets). However, we do still have the occasional accident, usually when he is overly preoccupied with something or tired. But the other night we had the first, and what I hope is the last, "mistake". Hollis was in the bathroom before getting ready for bed and John and I were in the kitchen. I hear Hollis call to me from down the hall, "Umm, Mommy, I made a mistake". Not really the words you hope to hear coming from the bathroom. So I go to see what the "mistake" is. "I stepped in the potty", he said. Not ON mind you, IN. With his socks on. You might, like me, ask, "Why?", sadly there was no answer. I tried my best to keep a straight face, but it was pretty funny. I still don't know why he stepped in the potty, but I did assure him that it was not funny. No matter what the look on my face might say.


The Jordan Girls said...

What, no picture???

Jeff said...

That was HYSTERICAL. Nevertheless, the total lack of Hollis pictures this week is really starting to get annoying... and when Jeff gets annoyed, he gets even. I have found a great many very loud and annoying toys online that Rae and I could buy Hollis for Xmas. If we don't start seeing some Hollis pictures soon, one of these might end up in Hollis' hands: