Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Fates are Against Me

You may remember hearing about our Father's Day tour of barbecue. Well, we decided to take that tour again this weekend. One day we will learn. The always lovely Rae was at our house on Saturday night and we decided to head over to Wallace Barbecue, knowing that they are closed on Sunday and Monday. But it was Saturday, so we were good to go. John got directions(yeah John!) and we headed out on a much shorter route. As we approached the restaurant, something seemed amiss. The parking lot was deserted, again. This is the sign we found on the door:

Who goes on vacation for two weeks and completely shuts down their business? Wallace Barbeque apparently. So while Hollis sat in the back seat chanting, "I am hungry, I want to get out, I want to eat". We started back up the road...to Ruby Tuesday. Not that there is anything wrong with Ruby Tuesday, but is it really worth a thirty minute drive? Next time we will get directions AND call.

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