Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Censoring the Olympics

You may have seen my earlier post about Hollis and interactive television watching. (It's okay that my preschooler watches hours of television because it is "interactive" - whatever, I can justify anything.) The other night we somehow ended up watching tennis. No one in our family is a tennis player and it is one of the few sports that John doesn't follow, so I am not sure why it was on. I think it came on after the drag race Hollis was watching. Hey, don't judge me - like I said, "Interactive". Hollis took one look at screen and this is the conversation that followed.

Hollis: Ook, Ook it's tennis!

Me: Uh huh

Hollis: Those boys are playing tennis!

Me: Yeah

Hollis: I need a tennis racquet.


Hollis: I not have a tennis racquet.

Me: Nope, we don't have a tennis racquet.

Hollis: Oh! I DO have a tennis racquet.

This is a tennis racquet:

A rousing game of floor mat tennis ensued.
Hollis will NOT be watching the diving competition during the Olympics. And probably not archery...or fencing...or shot put...or javelin. Okay, maybe we just won't watch at all.


The Jordan Family said...

You are HYSTERICAL! By the way, I love floor mat tennis. It is much safer and easier on the walls:)

Mandee - I Think You Should said...

First of all, I'm all in favor of the interactive TV watching. Did you ever catch Molly, Bo Broadwell and me playing name that tune based solely on TV theme songs? See what a party trick Hollis will have up his sleeve?

Secondly, my sister, the collegiate athlete who made it to the Olympic Trials, insists that my nephew will participate in "revenue" sports. He loves swimming (her sport) and is starting soccer in the fall, but she insists that he pick up a golf club every now and then. It just cracks me up.