Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Big Trip - Day Two

On our second day in New York, Mimi, G-Dad, Hollis, Melanie and I headed out to the Firefighters Museum and the Children's Museum of Long Island. John didn't go because he had decided he wanted to play the Bethpage course where the US Open will be held next year. A funny side note, in order to get on the course you have be there at o' dark thirty. Needless to say, John didn't quite make that, but he was able to get on another one of the courses and spent the day there. So, it is a really neat area they have set up, The Cradle of Aviation Museum, The Firefighters Museum and the Long Island Children's Museum all together on what is known as Museum Row. Ideally, we would have gone to the Children's Museum first and spent most of the day there, but of course Hollis chose the Firefighters Museum. I think it is a newer museum and there was not another soul there. It was like a little slice of heaven for Hollis. He got to put on the gear and sit on the firetruck and had free reign of the whole area. We finally headed over to the Children's Museum which was nice, but maybe geared for a slightly older crowd. Hollis was so geeked up he could hardly stand still long enough to see anything. Hollis was getting a little cranky on the way home, so Mimi handed him a book she had bought at the gift store. It was filled with pictures of rescue vehicles and Hollis's response was, "Wow! This is awesome! This is the best book I never seen in my whole life". Yes, he says never, not ever.

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