Friday, September 05, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,
I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of a glaring oversight by your campaign committee...the crucial three year old vote. Although we tend to be a more right of center household, it seems that Hollis has decided to voice his own opinion. Apparently, Senator Obama has captured his vote. Hollis joins in his parent's discussions by telling us what "Bach Obama*" says. He is also impressed with Sen. Obama's firefighter background. You weren't aware of that? Sure, "Bach Obama" wants to be the chief. He was very impressed with "Bach Obama's" birthday party last week, but missed your's due to the late hour on the east coast. So, I am afraid you may be falling behind with this crucial demographic. Perhaps Gov. Palin's recent experience with young children will be able to breath some life into this area of your campaign. Maybe some campaign materials safety pinned to the preschool bags, advertising during Handy Manny (watch the language though) or a sing-along with the Imagination Movers would really draw Hollis in. I know you are losing sleep over capturing this important vote and I just want to do my part.

*I know that the Democratic candidate for President is Senator Barack Obama, but Hollis calls him Bach Obama.


Anonymous said...

Ol' Melanie-

I can tell I have been gone to long, and must do something to influence this child along the right ( and I mean RIGHT) path.

Mandee - I Think You Should said...

That is a riot! Isn't it scary what they pick up on? My sister, the only nurse practitioner in her practice full of doctors, recently asked my nephew who his favorite doctor was. His answer? Patrick from General Hospital.