Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mix it Up Tuesday

I am late. I know. Whatever. Shut-up. When you see what I have for you you will forgive me my tardiness(i.e. laziness/amazing ability to procrastinate/addiction to facebook games). Pizza Dough! We like to have pizza around here, but have found that you either have to shell out the same amount as you would for a dinner that is not served in a cardboard box or save some dough (ha, ha, ha) and have a pizza that tastes like you are eating the cardboard box. We tried various frozen pizza with moderate success. Then I saw a post from Amanda at Mandajuice about the pizza dough she makes. I was skeptical, because I had tried pizza dough before with no luck. But eventually I though, "Hells bells, if she can do it, I can do it". I think that a lot and it is often not the case, but come to find out, I can make pizza dough. Amanda's post gives you step-by-step instructions and photos. It is a really easy process but does take a fair amount of time, so plan ahead. Never fear though, the time is almost all waiting not working. I make mine with whole wheat flour (shocker!) and usually add some oregano, but the beauty it is that you can make it to suit your fancy. We top ours with pizza sauce, cheese and turkey pepperoni because we are so cosmopolitan. The recipe makes two crusts. I usually cook both and save the leftovers, but you could freeze one for later.

Small child and dump truck not required.


Ol' Melanie said...

I'm excited you posted this b/c I was going to ask you if you had a recipe. I have started planning menus for the week and tomorrow night is home made pizza, but I didn't have a good dough recipe

Jeff said...

What happened to Mix It Up Monday? I so looked forward to them... What's Hollis' take on the Wall Street Meltdown?