Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Consumerism

In case anyone out there is concerned, Hollis will not be going naked this fall. This is his fall wardrobe, washed, fold and ready to be but away. But since we live in Georgia and it is still 85 degrees, it will probably be awhile. It seems that I may have gone slightly overboard. This stack includes 14 pairs of pants and at least twice as many shirts (hello, laundry once every two weeks!). What you don't see in this picture are three new jackets, one of which is a firefighter jacket; three new pairs of shoes, one of which are firefighter boots and 4 pairs of pajamas. So, he is well clothed. In my, somewhat lame defense, when we started trying last season's clothes on I said to John, "I can't believe nothing from last year fits!". Well, lo and behold some things still fit. And apparently, the consignment sales were well stocked this year. Hey, who says it is more fun to dress girls? Bring on the cold weather.

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Shanda said...

Nothing wrong with it! I really wait two weeks to do laundry sometimes. The good thing about our weather is that sometimes you don't even need the fall clothes until you can buy them sale. Your work will pay off when Hollis wins the Best Dressed superlative at preschool.