Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Tale of the Father's Day Lunch

We had a great 3rd Father's Day here. We started off the day by not getting up in time to make it to church, not even the 11:00 service. Yeah us! Once we finally got our act together it was about lunchtime and we decided to make use of John's gift. Upon further inspection we discovered that none of the featured restaurants were less than an hour away. We remembered having some great barbecue at a birthday party last year. It is in the same county, two towns over, not more than 20-30 minutes away. An hour later, we pull into the empty parking lot to discover they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Hmmm, if we had picked one of the ones from the book we could have been eating already. Two important Father's Day lessons:
1. find out where the place is instead of just setting off in what you think is the general direction (I know this is a lot to ask on Father's Day)
2. call or look at the website to see if they are open.
At about 2:00, we managed to get some barbecue. Atlanta Ribs, which is about 5 minutes from our house, is open 7 days a week! We always have a great meal there, in fact, they catered Hollis's first birthday party. While we were there a Track and Field competition was on. Any of you who know Hollis know that he is not so much a passive watcher of TV as much as an active participant. If Handy Mandy is on, we get out the toolbox, if Monster Trucks are on, we line up the Matchbox cars and drive over them, if Track and Field is on, we become "gumpers". After lunch we set up a track with lego hurtles and all raced around. Nothing like running the hurtles to work off a pulled pork sandwich. All in all, a great day and we even gave John a few minutes of peace to watch the US Open.
I am really grateful to have a husband who will be as wonderful a father to my child as my father as been to me. Happy Father's Day John and Daddy.

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