Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bicycle built for two

Actually, a bicycle built for one with a trailer attached to pull Hollis around in. Before I tell you about our bicycle adventure let me give you two quick facts:
Hollis weights 39.5lbs. If you are not familiar with Toddler Growth Charts, that is greater than the 95th percentile. He is also 40 inches which is also greater than the 95th percentile. He's a big kid.
A bike trailer weights about 20lbs.
Simple math will reveal that is 60lbs attached to the bike. Go ahead, take a minute and ponder my awesomeness, I'll wait. Done already? Fine...
We rented the bike and trailer and hit the Silver Comet Trail. I also rented a helmet for me, I know, eww, but I these are the things I do to prove I am a good Mommy. The rental was for an hour, so 30 minutes down and 30 minutes back. We really didn't run into problems until the last 10 minutes or so when I realized we were midway up a steeper than expected incline. I realized I wasn't going to be able to lug him and the trailer up the hill. So I got off the bike to push it. At this point Hollis piped up with, "Why are you getting off the bike, Mommy?" So that I don't fall over dead in the middle of the day Georgia heat, greater than 95th percentile baby. Your welcome.
We made it back to the shop, returned the bike and were heading home when I asked Hollis how he enjoyed the ride. "I really wanted to get out" was his answer. If I had known that I would have have let him push me up the hill. I don't know if we will be back on the trail anytime soon.

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Ol'Melanie said...

Personally I am really impressed that you can ride a bike with a kid attached at all. It has been so long since I have ridden a bicycle that wasn't attached to the floor! I really am impressed with your awesomeness but don't let it go to your head!
Love y'all!