Thursday, June 12, 2008

Facebook ate my blog

I thought Facebook sounded like fun. I am really bad at keeping up with people so I thought it would be an easy way to stay in touch. That was yesterday, today it has taken over my life. I have spent the past two days looking up old friends from high school and college, and just generally poking around. I have been able to reconnect with some old friends so that has been great. However, there may be some mild neglect of the Boy Child going on, but really, he is almost 3, so shouldn't he be more independent by now. The only interesting thing I have to say today is: "Hi Facebook friends, I'll be right back". Tomorrow we are going to playgroup, so maybe I can tear myself away for the afternoon. Although, isn't portability the whole point of having a laptop? And we are just going swimming, so it's not like he needs a lot of supervision. Amuse yourself with this picture of my child and if you need me I'll be over here.

1 comment:

I Think You Should said...

That is one cute kid.

I clicked over to your facebook page with trepidation--and then quickly clicked away before I got sucked in!