Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jessica called me TWICE (!) in one day

So, I've been yet another slacker of a blogger, having not posted in quite some time despite so many family stories and pictures I could've shared. This one, however, was just too important not to share: Jessica Miller called me not once, but two times yesterday evening! Using Katie's great advice the other night (at Roo's Spaghetti Factory birthday party, notice "Woo Woo" in background, we're no fools people, oh and HB Christie!) to text Jess instead of leaving her yet another voicemail, I finally managed to get her sweet attention.
She informed me she's loved her time in Colorado traipsing around all of it's natural glory (and getting paid at least a little bit for it), and looks forward to her next adventure in Christian service, probably volunteering somewhere abroad for the next several months. Wherever she is we all now know (thanks to Katie) that much like her father, voicemail is not technology JBear cares to utilize. Text her if you want her sweet attention mkay!

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