Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vegas Values Nuptials & Newlyweds

nuptial |ˈnəp sh əl; - ch əl| adjective of or relating to marriage or weddings : moments of nuptial bliss. • Zoology denoting the characteristic breeding behavior, coloration, or structures of some animals : nuptial plumage. noun (usu. nuptials) a wedding : the forthcoming nuptials between Justin and Jessica. ORIGIN late 15th cent.: from Old French, or from Latin nuptialis, from nuptiae ‘wedding,’ from nubere ‘to wed’ ; related to nubile .

The whirlwind of romance between Justin and Jessica is about to culminate in a Vegas Vortex baby! (did someone say baby?...just kidding no shotguns at the ceremony please). They met in the most happenstance of circumstances in January. They were engaged shortly thereafter, and we were told to expect a spring 2008 wedding. Well, Jessica has moved to Columbus from Tampa (as sad as that sounds to those of us from Columbus, she's originally from New Jersey so this is not as bad for her as your first thought) and she and "Rin Tin" are ready to pull the trigger now, as in Sept 8th@ Las Vegas, NV! I'm working on a speech "for the ages" and you best believe the number 111 will be invoked - those of you blessed enough to dine with Stacy and I during our rehearsal dinner might remember my romantic goof-ball ode to numerology? By the way this pic of the soon to be nuptially blissful couple happened to be the 111th picture taken with my then cameraphone (you might have heard about my new one?)

I swear the number wasn't purposefully arrived at which means it was meant to be. Aren't they cute?!

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