Sunday, April 15, 2007

An April for the Ages

With a wind chill near freezing today in Atlanta (and that's when the wind isn't gusting to 32 mph), I can't remember a colder post birthday day in my now 36 years alive. Last weekend in Tenessee and Virgina/West Virginia we saw signficant snow, thus qualifying as mine and Hollis's first White Easter. We visited Stacy's grandmother in a nursing home where she is rapidly recovering from a pretty severe stroke. She looked great and Hollis kept her and Stacy's grandfather "Pop", highly entertained during our visit (very familiar they are now with Hollis's grasp of the phrase "iiiiiiiiiiiiiggg truck")

Of course the Masters was as blustery and brutal on the scorecards as has ever occured in my lifetime and the Braves (thank God we fixed our bullpen) have remained bundled up since opening day. The ironic thing is how warm it was the last 2 weeks of March. It's like the "in like a lion, out like a lamb" typical spring weather handoff got reversed.

Let's hope next April is normal since Justin and Jessica are tentatively planning to wed then. Jack and Becky Lange were married at the chapel in Callaway Gardens and since Justin proposed to Jessica there, it seems fitting they would seal the deal in that same symbolic locale. But maybe St. Pete (Jessica's current residence) is a safer bet?! That is after all where they met and what a story that will be for the ages.

Speaking of great "how I met your mother" stories, it was today 9 years ago when I first laid eyes on Stacy Veasey. She had red hair and a figure, I mean smile I couldn't stop thinking about. She was running a fund raiser for MDA my boss at WDAK had insisted I participate in. My WSTH morning show counterpart and I were literally "arrested" on the air and hauled down to what at the time was the Columbus Hilton to then "bail" ourselves "out of jail". What a briar patch for me that became when my coworker Sean kept urging Stacy to come over so we could flirt with her. Sean had a serious girlfriend so he was really trying to help me and Stacy still assures me her interest was in me from the start (we have a joint checking account so what would you expect a smart girl like her to say?) I never found the nerve to ask her out during my time "in jail", but fortunately Sean was persistent and invited her down the road from the Hilton to come "take a tour" of our downtown Columbus radio station. After I did my best "aw shucks maam" and lead her through the "tour", I walked her to her car and God must have done for me what I couldn't do for myself, because I asked her out, and of course, the rest is a beautiful 9 years of history I never would have predicted before it happened, the original April for the Ages!

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