Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine Sister Babysitters (chasers)

So, Rae and Katie were kind enough to come and chase Hollis for a good few hours while his mother and I enjoyed our first bona fide dinner date in some time. We had just the previous Saturday gone to see a movie while my Mom kept him (we were in C town to celebrate her birthday as well as Stacy's jointly), so we feel like we've had some good "sans boychild" time together recently! We had Valentine's dinner at the Orient Express and for those of you who've visited us here in Vinings, you might be aware that this restaraunt, half traditional Chinese/half Hibachi, is literally a long train car right next to the train tracks that eventually route their way not to far from our condo. We literally ate everything the Hibachi chef threw at us, and then waddled our way over to the Starbucks next door for some coffee before making our way home. Hollis, Rae, and Katie in the interim managed to keep each other wildly entertained!

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