Saturday, February 24, 2007

Toothless in ATL

The Monkey likes to interact with the vaccum cleaner whilst his mother has it in action, and unfortunately Friday morning a week ago he tripped and managed to introduce his lip and right front tooth to our new Bissell. Stacy and Hollis were covered in baby blood which necessitated a visit to the ER at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital (the nicest medical facility I have ever seen by the way).
No stitches were needed and we thought the tooth would stay in place, but it continued to get looser and just a while ago came out and promptly made it's way down Hollis's esophagus. During Hollis's 18 month checkup with our excellent pediatrician Dr. Anitha Leonard this past Wednesday, she predicted this would happen, and assured us that he would then "pass" the tooth without issue (pass is such a nice word for what it really means isn't it?). Anyway, there was little if any bleeding when the tooth came out, so that was a relief especially relative to the jarring that started it's inexorable detachment.

Let the hockey smile days begin!

Trauma subsided, Mother & Child watch a dvd and wait on the Doctor

After getting released, Hollis enjoys the fabulous lobby which includes a gorgeous player piano and this magical looking fish tank

Look Ma no tooth!

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