Friday, May 30, 2008

Drinking with Children

So Hollis and I ventured into the first level of Hell today, Chuck E. Cheese. I feel pretty proud of myself that we have held out this long. Sadly, of course, Hollis now thinks it is one of greatest places ever. My Mom has had an ongoing dislike of Chuck E. because, other than the obvious, she was told they serve beer on tap. Let me clear this up...they do serve beer on tap. And if you are foolish enough to take a group of small children there on the first Friday after school gets out for summer, you need beer. In reality, you need a morphine drip. Or maybe a lobotomy. Either way, get something for the pain, eat your mediocre pizza and drop $25 on enough tokens to get this:
Okay, there were really two lollipops, so certainly money well spent.

Truthfully though, we had a great time playing on the rides and games with our friends and I am sure we will be back soon...and having beer. Sorry Mom!


The Jordan Family said...

Hey Hollis!
Welcome to the blogging world. If your mom is like my mom, she will soon be addicted and you will never see her again:(
I love all your posts so far, especially 'Hollis Trump'!
I will be checking back often...

Ol'Melanie said...

Well Stacy, I am pretty sure mom will never read this as your own husband would first have to bring her to the site. Besides, if they had "fruit juice", she'd be in. (For the others of you, our mother once mistook a rum cocktail for fruit juice on her cruise to the Caribbean.)And once she comes to Long Island and sees that the movie theater has beer on tap, Chuck E. Cheese will have company on her list of places to boycott.