Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Pulpit

This picture was taken just after our Christmas Eve service at
Nawthside (as our Minister pronounces it). It doesn't do justice to
how truly packed the sanctuary was. I am not exaggerating even
slightly when I tell you the only remaining place to have witnessed
the service would have been to have hung from the rafters. I am also
not kidding when I tell you that Hollis sat with his parents in the
last remaining seat in the house.......the one next to the pulpit
(thus affording this from iPhone shot)

We were also within spitting distance of the Nativity scene (don't worry father and son didn't test that measurement), and when Mary and Joseph arrived with what looked to be a real infant in tow, Hollis insisted in a loud whisper they "put the baby in the nest!"

He's now in his nest and a freshman St. Nick is geared up for duty. Merry Christmas All!

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